The Writers’ Era and How Technology Filled Ink into Writers’ Pen!

Nurturing the World with You and Your Family

Debutant author Prasanth Kannan with his newly released book “Nurturing the World with You and Your Family” (Available on Amazon) received rave reviews and is in preparation for his second book. Amid all the excitements and recent success, he gives a heartfelt note on how technology and online book publishing platforms revolutionized the world for better.

He says that it is very important to address that, how writing books has become accessible to every common man in the society and how this helps to bring the authors and readers to newer perspectives and dimensions around the world. Adding the same, Prasanth Kannan states that eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry by providing access to people around the world to write and publish books very easily in the last decade. This developed this generation people to believe in writing. There are bunch of motivational books, inspirational books, novels, etc., that are available in eCommerce sites that helped this generation get the access to the books easily. And the evolution of selling books in online platform to publishing books in online platform is the master stroke that changed the course of writing. This could be stated as the greatest evolution that happened to books and writers through technology. Book is an essential medium for preserving and sharing knowledge throughout history. They further help an individual to document his ideas, viewpoints, ideologies, constantly learn and stay politically relevant. It further helps you express creativity and artistic perspectives and imagination.

He further adds, Traditional publishing often involves complex processes, Making it difficult for many people to publish their work due to complicated procedures, and up-front charges. On the other hand, eBooks have greatly eliminated entrance barriers. Since there is no longer a requirement for conventional printing infrastructure, anyone with access to a computer and the internet could write and publish an eBook. This is made feasible by digital platforms and self-publishing tools. eBooks are readily available and accessible everywhere. Authors can connect with readers in different regions and through various digital media. Authors who might not have access to traditional publishing networks or who write about specialized or specific topics with possibly low local demand now have more opportunities because of this worldwide accessibility.

Generally speaking, publishing eBook is less expensive than traditional print publication. Since eBooks are distributed digitally, authors can avoid costs connected with printing, storing, and distribution. This accessibility has democratized the publishing industry by enabling authors from many socioeconomic backgrounds to publish their works. eBooks make it easier for authors and readers to communicate directly. Digital publishing platforms frequently provide tools for users to write reviews, ratings, and comments, enabling authors to get feedback and have conversations with their readers. For authors hoping to sharpen their writing, develop a devoted fanbase, and better their upcoming works, this direct feedback loop can be incredibly helpful.

Authors who publish their works as eBooks have more control over their content in general. They are free to set their own publishing schedules, simply make changes or updates, and keep control of their intellectual property. Authors can experiment with various genres, styles, and writing methodologies without being constrained by the limitations of conventional publication models, thanks to this control and flexibility. In conclusion, eBooks have democratized the book publishing sector by giving writers affordable, accessible, and international options. They have made it possible for aspiring writers from various backgrounds to share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with readers everywhere, resulting in a more diverse and welcoming literary scene, concludes Prasanth Kannan.


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