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Parotta – The Most Famous Hotel Food of Tamil Nadu and Kerala


India is a country that is prosperous in culture, heritage, and food. However, the flavor of food differs for each area of the states in India. All things considered, we are living in a nation that teaches us Unity in Diversity! So, these differences and the cohesion beyond the differences in languages, food, and tradition make us stand tall as Indians.

Now, let us have a look at some interesting things about one of the tasty food that consistently been a largely acclaimed food around South India. Parotta, a supremely tasty Indian bread made of All-purpose Flour which is soft, smooth, layered, and whitish with minute brown spots is an emotion for millions of people in South India, especially for men residing at Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Most of the South Indian people get obsessed with the taste and texture of Parotta therefore, choosing it every single time when they go out for dinner or visit a restaurant/hotel.

Some may even contend that North individuals also love Parathas, however, the fact of the matter is Parotta is different from Parathas. North people love for Aalo Parathas is commendable but the bread variety is made of wheat while the South’s version is made of All Purpose Flour/Maida. This makes both of ’em different from their colors, textures, tastes, and layers. In other words, you have to make a trip down South to taste Parotta while you have to head out up North to taste Parathas.

Aloo Paratha
North Indian Aloo Parathas Image Credits: whiskaffair

In Kerala, Parotta is usually termed as a brand ambassador of Kerala food and it is often served with beef throughout the state. At Tamil Nadu, you could see a lot of curry varieties getting served along with Parotta. TN is also famous for its wide range of Parottas such as Virudhunagar Oil Parotta, Mutta Parotta, Kothu Parotta, Chicken Kothu Parotta, Bun Parotta, and so on. Madurai is termed as the hot spot for most delicious and famous Parotta varieties. Individuals who never visited Madurai too think about the heavenly Bun Parotta accessible out there, that is the power of delectable food. As regularly served with Salna in Tamil Nadu, the bread variety is served with other renowned curries including Pallipalayam Chicken, Pepper Chicken, Chettinadu Chicken, Panneer Butter Masala, Beef Chukka, and so on.,

Kerala porotta with beef chukka – Image Credits: theweek

Kizhi Parotta, Wheat Parotta, Malabar Parotta are few of the Parotta varieties available at Kerala which you could never resist getting addicted for. They are also served with kadala curry, egg curry, chicken curry, mutton gravies, etc. But like I like said before, beef and Parotta is the combination that has been a rage for all these years and will consistently remain so for the Kerala People in forthcoming ages.

The secret behind the craze of Parotta lies in the logic that it is easy to afford but difficult to be made at home. The taste and perfection could be obtained only when you are a PRO at Parotta making. For Example, only 1 among the 100 people knows how to cook Parotta, while you could find almost every hotel in both the states serving Parottas for affordable prices. This single explanation alone differs Parotta from the other homemade foods such as Chapati, Dosa, Idiyappam, etc., in southern districts.

 All said and done, Parotta was, is, and will be the brand ambassador for all the hotel foods around Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Even a few of the districts in Andra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka are well-known for the taste and authenticity in making Parottas, Thus, concluding this article saying that Parotta is the most influential hotel food that is loved by the people around South India. The delicious bread variety will always be termed as South India’s pizza for the rage and craze it possesses in southern districts. The obsession for Parottas in South will remain the same for another 200 years, an unprecedented craze which no pizza, burger, or shawarma could dream of. Who could resist eating a nicely made Parotta which is low at cost and high at taste?

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