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Nomad’s Enchantment


There was a time in my life where I felt stranded no idea how I’m going to edge my soul. This is something that everyone has in their head during their metamorphosis to adult. Edging life is something exclusive and at the same time, it is something difficult when you are not capable of finding the answers to life’s Mystery. All I wanted to ink here is about a courageous friend who will allow you to explore the depth of the inner soul. 

Even I didn’t have any idea all these years, then I got a chance in exploring this particular personality a few years back so I wanted to share what kind of changes happened into me in building my own wellbeing. Let me try to explain a little at the bottom of this friend.  

A friend who is very calm still conveyed what I wanted during certain circumstances. 

My friend lives in the form of words

How deep you analyze? The character will travel all along with you no matter what!!!

You could have come to a perception that I’m talking about? 

The answer is “Books”


I just started to read from the age of 23 I hunch. To be straight books are more than a friend, sometimes it pats you at the back when there is no one around. It lays you an enlightened path and it will guide you through the path all along till the deadline. The words make you simper at the same time it gives you mangle. What in life is more interesting than books? 

According to me if you are a bibliophile you are blessed.

It may be Lovey Dovey,

It may be Whodunit,

It may be Exhilarating, 

It may be of whatever genre,

If you are a Bookworm you are blessed!!! 

To be frank, even if you are fatigued about reading, if you are apathetic enough try reading a page in your allotted 24hrs. Some day you will be happy you did this gravely.

The love for books is something very special; it seduces you like a romantic girlfriend with its words. It gives you nightmares about the virtual characters that you will lose your sleep too sometime. But all these sweet tortures ends when you read the last page of the book. After a few years or months, you will forget the character names completely but still a few exotic things will be in your heart forever, which you will never understand if you aren’t a member of the reader club. You know what? It throws some extraordinary ideas on how to propose or impress your opposite gender even (lolz). Jokes apart to be honest it gives goosebumps! How words can give you this much of happiness without making any conversation physically?

There were times I had no other go other than reading a book, I read till I get to sleep, When I woke up It will be laying sweetly on my chest. The very next moment when I’m awake I will be reading again until I find the climax. This we do when we watch a movie. We can never resist ourselves in such factors. A cup of coffee near the window seat of my train with a book on my other hand makes my life so blissful. 

The breath you take when there is a sudden twist, 

The way you smile with the virtual characters even your fellow knew or unknown companions might think you are mentally disordered. Truth is you will smile again unknowingly. 

A book is a soul companion when there is no one around. 

Love for the book is something spiritual it gives you wisdom

Like the urge in knowing the future, there will be an urge to turning up the page to know what’s in it. It gives you an enigmatic feel at times. Sometimes I go back to read few pages like recollecting our happiest and lovable memories. Books relate our lifestyle completely sometimes I feel the virtual characters are true and happenings are completely my story.

Happiness is true only when it is shared!!! 

You will agree with this ethical stuff when you had someone to discuss the pros and cons of the story. Especially about the beauty of words, when you try to express what you felt when you going through a few adorable phrases in particular oh my god!!! 

Best moments of life

Holding the best pages caressed

The smile will be peaking at the edges of the lips  

The words will get to lives when eyes come in contact with each alphabet!!

Describing a book is something like the proverb

“What one knows is only a handful, whereas the unknown is the size of the world”.

The journey of mine with the books is relentless.

I’m happy that I got a chance to ink about such an interesting topic.  

If time permits I will catch you up with some other factors until then its Nomad signing off

Thank You All.



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