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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

smoking is injurious to health
smoking is injurious to health

This article isn’t about tips; rather, it is my experience about how I quit smoking. Smoking has always been my best companion. Irrespective of the pieces of advice and awareness, I’ve always been more passionate about smoking. A day without cigarettes is a day with disappointments, stress, and Gloomy moments! Still, I remember the first day I smoke Cigarettes; I actually didn’t like the taste. But, the one thing I liked about smoking is, I thought that it resembled a man thing. Now, don’t call me a male chauvinist, please. Smoking cigarettes in public places has always been a macho behavior for most of the boys. Most of the young men in my circle prefer a cigarette along with a glass of tea as their breakfast even though they know that it is injurious to health, just because they feel it makes them a whole as a man!

I’m no different from the believers of these weird thoughts. I’m a random guy who preferred a cigarette and a cup of tea for breakfast during my college days. At sometimes, I preferred the same for lunch too, just because I thought it was cool. I’m an occasional drinker who is not at all addicted to it. But, smoking has been a part of my life for over a decade. It is something that been with me during my happiness, sorrow, disappointments, heartbreak, and loneliness.

A long time passed and well-being awareness popped out of my mind. I found that this is the right moment to put a break to the smoking habit. Deep inside, I know that smoking cigarettes has been a part of my life just because I loved it and NOT because I’m addicted to it. I can function without them. I can survive without them. It’s me who decides what I do and what I want.

Many people might say that recouping from the addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs might be tough and you need so much of counseling to get rid of them. But the truth is, all it takes is a super-confident attitude, positive thinking, and practical approach to get rid of your problems. The first thing I did when I decided to quit smoking was, to estimate the amount I spend on cigarettes for a month. After estimating the money I normally used to spend for Smoking, the next thing I did was to invest the same on something productive. It could be a book, garden, pets, interior decorative items, electronic gadgets, etc., Save the money you spend on cigarettes every day, at the end of the month don’t forget to buy the things that you love the most. Spending the money productively to enhance your lifestyle is also a kind of addiction. For example, treat yourself as a poor guy who can’t afford a book and needs to save the money daily to do so. Every passing day in this process generates curiosity for the book. It might even create an obsession to get that book as soon as possible. Be that as it may, nothing amiss with getting fixated to purchase books (or whatever other items that build up your way of life) than getting fixated on unarguably hurtful cigarettes, liquor, or other drugs!

A man could easily overcome addictions when he treats himself as a poor guy, even if he is a billionaire. Restricting yourself in spending your money on unwanted stuff and creating scarcity for pieces of stuff that you love but couldn’t find time to buy might constructively change your path. Treat yourself poor to know the value of good things. Save the money every day, as if even 10 bucks is a big deal. No matter if you have enough money to buy the product right at the moment, save the money that you normally spend to buy cigarettes or alcohol per day irrespective of the prize of the product, buy them with those savings. I know that it needs a bit more willpower and self-discipline to focus on what we need but the end of the day, that is what called as True Heroic Moment. Being self-disciplined and self constructive is what makes you superior and inspirational to others.

Not only men, even women too could follow the same if they find it’s high time to stop their addictive habits because no habit is restricted to men alone. End of the day, Cigarette smoking and consuming alcohol are injurious to health irrespective of gender. Smoking may be cool; however, stopping it simply like that is coolest. Self-control is the strongest quality that every human being needs to possess to achieve their goals.



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