How Some Cinematic Stories Scored Centuries in their Second Innings

Success of the Failure stories
Success of the Failure stories

The success of the Failure stories

Tamil cinema has given many Successful stories. It also gave some Failure stories. But not many people know about the success of Failure stories. Today I am going to explain this with two examples.

Devar films are one of the Successful banners in the 1960s – 80s which started by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar. The specialty of this banner is they produced many movies with Animals as central characters.

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Credits: Devar films

He also produced some Hindi films and got successful with it. Haathi Mere Saathi which released in 1971 starring Rajesh Khanna is one such blockbuster film. This film was later remade with Tamil Superstar M. G. Ramachandran as Nalla Neram.

But the Interesting news is Haathi mere Saathi is not the original film. True Original film is Deiva Cheyal which released in 1967 in the Tamil industry. 

Deiva cheyal is also produced by Chinnapa Thevar but unfortunately, the film failed and became a flop.

When Chinnapa Thevar got an opportunity to produce a Hindi film. He told this same story with some changes and Rajesh Khanna liked the story and the rest is history. 

MGR remade this movie and it also became successful. This is how the same story got Failure and success in the same industry.

Another example of Success of the Failure story is, AVM is one biggest production houses in India. They produced many successful movies in many languages in India.

But here too there is one success of a Failure story that happened.

Paatti Sollai Thattathe is a comedy film starring Actor Pandiarajan and Manorama which released in 1988 in the Tamil industry which is produced by AVM Productions.

This film went on to become a Silver jubilee success. But not many know that this film is based on a Failure movie which also produced by the same AVM productions.

Mamiyar Mechina Marumagal is a 1959 Tamil movie which is the remake of a 1955 Marathi film named Ganget Ghode Nhahale.

Mamiyar mechina marumagal is produced by AVM productions which failed miserably. This is the film was again made in Tamil cinema as Paati sollai thattathe with some changes and become successful.

This is some best example of Films which are both Failure and Success in the same industry. So, the message we get from this is if you believe in your story make it as best. Success and failure are not in your hand.


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