Govt Issues Reopening Guidelines for gyms, yoga institutions

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Until the reopening of yoga institutes and gymnasiums, on Monday, the Ministry of Health issued COVID-19-appropriate protocols to be followed in such facilities as to enable only asymptomatic citizens, to maintain social distance, to use the Aarogya Setu mobile app and to wear visitors wherever possible

The ‘Guidelines on Preventive Measures to Control Spread of Covid-19 in Yoga Institutes Gymnasiums’ specified that all yoga institutes and gymnasiums in containment zones shall remain closed and only those outside of those zones shall be permitted to open.

Spas, sauna, steam bath and swimming pools (wherever applicable) shall remain closed, the document said

Persons over the age of 65, people with co-morbidity, pregnant women and children under the age of 10 are recommended not to use gyms in closed spaces, the guidelines said.

The government has authorized the opening of yoga institutes and gymnasiums from 5 August as part of the “Unlock 3 Process” for the first time since the lockdown came into effect on 25 March.

The section describes various general precautionary steps to be taken as well as detailed measures to be taken at yoga institutes and gymnasiums to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

The Guidelines note that hand hygiene (sanitizer dispenser) and thermal screening requirements are required at the entry point of all these facilities.

Only asymptomatic individuals (including employees) are permitted on the premises. All individuals are only permitted to join if they use face cover/masks the document said


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