About Us

Once upon a time, there was a fox, hungry for new information. Anything that was interesting, satisfied its quest for knowing things. After finding those information, it shared it with its peers. Such habit made the fox even more happier. And, there were also moments when the fox couldn’t find even a single pint of information. It would make the fox more sadder. But, gone are the days of worrying. With the arrival of internet and websites, the fox became more hungrier than ever. It could find a plethora of information everyday. And, it shared those new interesting facts and articles, to its peers through reporterfox.com. The fox could cover various topics, from entertainment to current events of the world. Regardless, the duties of the fox became more responsible to its readers more than ever. And, thanks to the team of reporterfox.com, the fox is a restless working being for news reports.