A Write-Up on Space and Time, Written Without a Space in Time

Vast Universe
CC: NASA Hubble

While we are ready to leave Earth for Mars, let’s think, how much of the universe has a life-support for our mankind to survive? People of science say, it all started growing from a tiny particle, probably smaller than our finger tip. We do not know for sure, because the universe is so vast, and it requires at least a hundred billion light years to travel across the mega universe, to find life-worthy places. Wow! As the light can travel 9.5 trillion kilometers for a year (one light year), it is impossible distance for the man to travel. So, the space exploration of human efforts has their limits. To notice, the space vehicle called Voyager I, launched in 1990, was able to reach only the border of our solar system by the year 2018. It was measured only around 21 billion kilometers, not even upto the standard of a light year.

So, what shall be done? Some scientists are working on the possibility of traveling in light speed. But, a group of others argue that none of the material objects are light-weight as light particles to easily travel in such speed, let alone human beings. And Einstein said with relative positivity, if at all people could travel in light speed, it means, they can time travel. A twist in the narrative!

So, what is this time travel (explaining this for who haven’t watched even the Endgame)? It is a concept that we can travel through time and visit our past or future. Well, scientists say, time and space (here, it means physical distance) are inter-related. That is why, we use time-related concept called ‘light year’ to measure universal distances.

To thicken the narrative, let’s center on this single concept of time (and assume that, it applies to physical distance of space as well). So, can we really travel in time, like they do in novels and movies? It depends. Here, it is better to quote the answer from NASA’s website: “Although humans can’t hop into a time machine and go back in time, we do know that clocks on airplanes and satellites travel at a different speed than those on Earth.” So, time traveling is happening, depending on how we travel in physical space.

But, when we are happy that, we have somehow understood the complexity of time and space, and that, both are inter-related, it is when, a concept called Wheeler-Devitt Equation arrives and it negates the concept of time. Wait what does it say?! It says, there is no time!

Yes, concepts like these have arrived over time, and have raised questions in the space of time, and take us back to the very fundamental questions. But, solving such things lie in the hands of future scientists and theorists. And currently, we live in the abstract nature of universe we conceptualized ourselves,. Yes, we haven’t seen the entire universe, to prove whether it is actual or not.

So, until we know the absolute truth, keep asking to quench our scientific thirst, all the while living happily to the end of our time!


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